TL;DR: Introduction to decision theory with examples from effective altruism. Resulting optimal strategies differ from "naive" utility maximisation, but match community norms.
TL;DR: How to reason about people who are smarter than you. A few proposals, interspersed with reinforcement learning and humorous fiction. Ending on a…
TL;DR: I did an interview with Anna Riedl ( ) where we talk about a lot of the things that I've written about in the last few months
TL;DR: What would make us worried about NN suffering? Reviewing neuroscience literature + high-level considerations produce factors that (neither neces…
A young man, let’s call him Dave, starts consuming different kinds of illegal drugs (mostly heroin) as early as age 14, as a reaction to the divorce of…
TL;DR: I admit that I have no idea what consciousness is. I communicate this in the form of a declaration.
TL;DR: Using the language of model theory to engineer a definition of "computational model".
The Tale Of Gandhi And The DevilListen now (19 min) | TL;DR: This week here is something different - effective altruism fiction!
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On Brains, Minds And Their Possible Uses