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Hey Matt! :) Thanks for the comment, happy to hear you enjoy my writing.

I've read the article from Markus, and he makes a lot of excellent points. I've also observed that most tools that target "a lot of different academics" tend to be kind of bad. I imagine tools have to become a lot more powerful and even easier to use before they become widely adapted. But I think if a tool is tailored exactly to the person (or the research group) using it, then there might be benefits that can be leveraged. (I'm writing this response with the help of a pretty decent autocomplete feature based on my writing pattern https://twitter.com/janhkirchner/status/1487537247394140160?s=20&t=gCPNoHMYgi_-ZKutBL7IOQ )

I also absolutely love that Research Debt essay, and the whole vision behind distill.pub. But still, also that tool has now been on hiatus for a year https://distill.pub/2021/distill-hiatus/ .

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