TL;DR: A holiday obsession turns into a deep meditation on all things pretty. Albatrosses and reward *models* included. Also, check out…
TL;DR: a seminar series on simulator theory; a toy model, the semiotic coin flip, unpacks the strange physics of language models a tiny bit.

December 2022

TL;DR: Writing about writing and having written, and self-referentiality. Complementary musings on AI.

November 2022

A neuroscientific-perspective on translating concepts between world-models as a way of solving value-learning.

September 2022

TL;DR: Guest post by Michael Oesterle on coordination problems (and more) between advanced artificial agents.

July 2022

Via productiva. Audio version.Listen now (16 min) | TL;DR: Introspection on how I do things and which rules and heuristics help me to be productive. Framed as Taleb's via negativa…
TL;DR: I let my friend Ava (who actually knows a thing or two about art!) experiment with DALL-E 2 for a bit. She allowed me to share her reflections…
TL;DR: deep reflections on names and identity, life-changing decisions, and mental renovations. And all of that in ~500 words!
Inferring utility functions from locally non-transitive preferences. Audio version.Listen now (14 min) | TL;DR: Fanboying JvN, then a nuts-and-bolts description of the von-Neumann-Morgenstern theorem. A connection to reward modeling…

June 2022

Task Decomposition And Scientific Inquiry. Audio version.Listen now (11 min) | TL;DR: A curious asymmetry between making and criticizing, the scientific method as an approach to task decomposition, and a…
TL;DR: If you're a student of cognitive science or neuroscience and are wondering whether it can make sense to work in AI Safety, this guide is for you…
Puberty as Cause X? Audio version.Listen now | TL;DR: GiveWell-esque analysis of adolescents' suffering. Life satisfaction during puberty, ITN model, developmental neuroscience of the…